The Next Disruptive Innovation - Pure Diamond Blockchain Technology

This article will briefly examine the operation and impact of Pure Diamond Blockchain Technology and the role it plays in the current diamond industry. The distribution of lab-grown diamonds is the highlight and at its centre is the Pure Diamond Coin.


Diamonds Are Forever

Rare Colours
Original Blockchain Technology

Worldwide Impact

Pure Diamond Coin ICO

Pure Diamond Coins - Secure Cryptocurrency

Diamonds Are Forever

The global jewellery industry is eyeing a new Japanese innovation lab-grown diamonds, diamonds that are chemically, physically and optically identical to natural diamonds.

Cultivated in laboratories owned by Japanese company Pure Diamond Lab, lab-grown diamonds  are grown from a pure carbon material in a controlled environment making them dissimilar to naturally occurring diamonds and can be officially certified by the GIA (Gemological Institution of America). The cultivation process is strictly controlled allowing the generation of true ‘flawless’ lab-grown diamonds which exhibit optical properties that surpass natural diamonds.

Rare Colours

The extreme rarity of red and blue diamonds or lack thereof on the global market can be overturned overnight as lab-grown diamonds can also be cultivated in a wide spectrum of colours including colours that cannot possibly occur naturally.

Original Blockchain Technology

What distinguishes Pure Diamond apart from their competitors is their development of the latest blockchain technology. The ’White Hat’ hacker that solved Coincheck’s 500 million NEM hack Mr. Junma Kawaski is the CTO of Pure Diamond and at the helm of the Pure Diamond Blockchain project, he believes that Pure Diamond’s approach “is the correct way to use blockchains”. Information on the cultivation, refinement and appraisal of the lab-grown diamond is collected and digitalised, creating a digital profile for end consumers effectively increasing transparency and enhancing the retail experience. Mr. Hideyuki Abe, the Producer of Pure Diamond Lab Co. Ltd. stated in an earlier interview that Pure Diamond Blockchain Technology “gives every diamond a story”.

Worldwide Impact

On a global scale, Pure Diamond Lab’s lab-grown diamonds relieves pressures on demand for diamond mines which threaten the environment as lab-grown diamonds are comparably more sustainable. Moreover, Pure Diamond Blockchain technologies inhibit the distribution of ‘blood diamonds’, diamonds that are mined in warring states and sold to further conflicts, evidenced by these traits it can be understood why lab-grown diamonds are more favourable than natural diamonds.

Pure Diamond Coin - ICO

Lab-grown diamonds such as the Pure Diamond Blockchain project are already reshaping the diamond industry landscape. With Pure Diamond Farm Singapore, Abe plans to utilise the ICO of Pure Diamond Coin (PDC), a cryptocurrency with its valuation ‘pegged’ onto Pure Diamond to further the lab-grown diamond project, reportedly using two thirds of the $200 million USD hard cap to realise equipment investment and fund R&D. Moreover, PDC is already at the final stages of securing intellectual property rights, further consolidating their foothold in the lab-grown diamond industry.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and Pure Diamond Blockchain Project is a step in the right direction for the future of the diamond industry. It is exciting to see where this innovative technology will lead and how it will reshape the jewellery landscape for generations to come.

Pure Diamond Coins - Secure Cryptocurrency

What were your thoughts?

Pure Diamond Coins (PDC) are the only exclusive method to purchase Japanese lab-grown diamonds, with future plans to move away from the Ethereum based network due to scaling, the future of PDC is very exciting! PDC resolves many of the environmental and ethical issues surrounding natural diamonds and it can be interpreted as an industry revolutionising product.

To whoever feels like giving Pure Diamond Coins a go – why not buy it? To purchase Pure Diamond Coins, you are able to use Bitcoins, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, and Ethereum classic.

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