Pure Diamond Coin Overview Information Summary

In this article, we explore the token metrics behind Pure Diamond Coin (PDC). Covering everything from ICO release information, sales schedules and also prices at various points during all upcoming token sales. A must read for everyone wanting to know more about PDC in easy-to-read graphs.


Summary Information

Overview of PDC
ICO Information
ICO Sales Schedule

Token Metrics

Capital Investment R&D Details
Marketing and Advertising Costs
Operating Expenses

Assigning PDC Tokens

Summary Information

Overview of PDC

Pure Diamond Coin Info Table 1

ICO Information

Pure Diamond Coin Info Table 2
*1: The maximum number of all pure Diamond coins (PDC) issued is set to the maximum number of 150% of the total number of token sale applications at the end of the ICO.

ICO Sales Schedule

Pure Diamond Coin Info Table 3
PDC Token Pre-Sales, Phase 1 and Phase 2 schedule and value.

Token Metrics

Pure Diamond Coin Info Table 4
It is useful to see the approximate investment split.
Here is the same information in a pie-chart.

Capital Investment (Including R&D Expenses)

1) Investment in domestic production facilities (factory buildings,manufacturing machines, sorting machines, etc.).

2) R & D expenses for rare diamonds (red diamonds, etc.).

3) Acquisition of R & D expenses and intellectual property rights for new Diamond (Rainbow Diamond, etc.).

Marketing and Advertising Costs

1) Implementation of TV commercials and events.

2) Campaign and Influencer marketing.

3) Development of products in collaboration with celebrities in and outside Japan.

4) Manufacture of national treasure-class symbol jewellery by top designers.

Operating Expenses

1) Development and operation of the Blockchain system.

2) Operating and managing costs for factories (labour costs, material costs, electricity cost, consumable repair costs, etc.).

3) Management and maintenance of warehouses and vaults.

4) Operating expenses for offices in Singapore and Japan (office rent, labour costs in the Administrative Department).

Assigning PDC Tokens

pure diamond coin info table 6
Assigning the PDC token.

1) Tokensale contributors (40%)

2) Payment fees and mining bonuses (5%)

3) AdvertisingCost (10%)

4) Projectteam (20%)

5) Internal Reserves (25%)

◆ Token Sale Contributors

For those who contributed to the token sale, etc.

◆ Payment Fee and Mining Bonus

Bonus to those who have performed the mining and payment Commission tothe Exchange.


◆ Project Team

He has worked with engineers, Diamond experts, and other professionals.

Cost of hiring project team members.


◆ Internal Reserves

Marketing measures and business expansion through development and distribution of Pure Diamond Coins and lab- grown diamonds.