The Colour of Oceans in Pure Diamonds

"Blue diamonds" decorated the cover of "nature" (Number 7716) released on 2nd of August, 2018. This blue diamond was formerly owned by the French Royal family and is one of the most valuable historically of color diamonds. The announcement were "The blue diamond was the color of the ocean long ago." by international research team led by GIA


The generating process of Blue Diamond

Lab Grown Diamond can also generate Blue Diamond

The generating process of Blue Diamond

To begin with, blue diamond is only 0.02% of all-natural diamonds, which is very valuable existence.

Therefore, in most cases are trading at higher prices than other diamonds. Moreover, there was one question in this blue diamond for many years.

That is why the color has turned blue in the process of generation.

Therefore, the Gemological Institute of America including Evan Smith and others investigated the blue diamond collected from all over the world, discovered the fact that blue diamond had no contained minerals to the other diamonds.

Blue diamond is generated deep under than normal diamond, the minerals contained are different.

It was also been found that the beautiful blue color of blue diamond is related to "boron" which existed in the sea long ago.

It is a thought that the blue diamond was generated by carrying the boron in the depth of the mantle. when the plate was on the seabed in the ancient times lowered to the ground.

Since boron is absorbed by the plate by the reaction with seawater, it can be said that the beautiful blue of the blue diamond is the color of the ocean long ago.

Lab Grown Diamond can also generate Blue Diamond

Among natural diamonds, although blue diamond is considered most valuable diamond. but the lab grown diamonds is possible to generate it at the labs, or laboratories.

Not only blue diamonds, but also other rare color diamonds such as red diamonds can be generated. It is also possible to generate rainbow diamonds which is not exist naturally.

Unfortunately, blue diamond that generated at the factory, cannot be said the color is reflect of the ancient sea.

However, it can be said that it is close to the color of the ocean long ago.

In addition, the lab grown diamond does not contain impurities, and the quality is better than most diamonds.

Also, the price seems will be 1/2 of the natural diamond. so overall, the lab grown diamond is cheaper and more cost-effective.

With the popularization of lab grown diamonds in the future, many people will be able to enjoy blue diamonds, which was out of one's league until now.




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