The Pure Diamond Block Chain Project Expects to Popularise Lab-Grown Diamonds

In this article we briefly examine the distribution of Pure Diamond Coins and the need for the development of an original blockchain network. The engineer behind the network is none other than 'white-hat' hacker Junma Kawasaki (JK17) and the experienced professional Shigeyuki Ishida is in charge of distributing the diamonds. Read more to find out!


The Distribution of Pure Diamond Coins

Original Blockchain Project

The Selling of Lab-Grown Diamonds

The Distribution of Pure Diamond Coins

This project is being carried out as an ICO to prepare lab equipment for generating lab-grown diamonds. And the Pure Diamond Coins (PDCs) issued in this project is to be linked with the generation of lab-grown diamonds. Therefore, it can be said that it is more reliable than the statutory currency which consists only of other cryptographic currencies without entities or credit of the country.

In addition, lab grown diamonds can be traced with the use of blockchain technology, so consumers need not worry about purchasing counterfeit diamonds. And, as CTO in this project, Mr. Kawasaki is an excellent engineer who has been working as an engineer since the the age of 15, and experienced the launch of a number of IT venture startups.

Original Blockchain Project

In the NEM hack incident where $500 million was stolen in January this year, Mr Kawasaki has been active as a 'white hat' hacker. The promising young engineer, participated in this project as the CTO because he strongly sympathised with a strong desire that cryptocurrencies should not be misunderstood and introduced a new original system effectively utilising the blockchains other than the encryption currency. Mr. Kawasaki was passionate about the possibilities of cryptocurrency and blockchain, which is not influenced by the country or bank, from this project.

Lab-grown diamonds have no impurities and are sold at 50% the cost of natural diamonds. The lab-grown diamond produced by the Pure Diamond blockchain project has many merits that natural diamonds do not possess. Among them, the things that are pleasing to consumers are that they are clean because they contain no impurities and are traded at a price of 50% cheaper than natural diamonds. There are also attractions such as the rare red, blue and rainbow colour or absent colour diamonds that you can attain in nature.

The Selling of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Mr. Ishida, who oversees selling lab grown diamonds in this project, is the eldest person of so-called second generation in Japan's diamond industry.

Mr. Ishida's father is the leading expert in the field of diamond grading in Japan, but he also has a remarkable achievement such as being appointed as the Diamonds & Antwerp Ambassador by AWDC in Belgian for many years.

When he saw the made in Japan's lab grown diamond for the first time, he said he was surprised by its beauty. And now he would like to spread this wonderful diamond to the world.

A lab-grown diamond of this project which he is evaluating which can be said to be a professional in the diamond profession. We are looking to see what kind of influence will be given to the future of the diamond industry.